‘Sun Sathiya’ was born out of a casual jam session with Sachin. I remember, when Sachin-Jigar did the background score for ABCD 1, there was this one scene they saw and said, ‘Let’s make a ballad for this!’. They asked me to write a few lines while they composed the tune.

When Remo Sir heard it, he said this is my love song for ABCD 2. Since then we have written four antras and finally picked the best one for the film. Its a girl’s most honest point of view about love. Remo Sir and Sachin-Jigar always give me an open canvas to play with words. They are extremely progressive and inspiring.

– Priya Saraiya

(In the second of a series of exclusives, renowned Singer & Lyricist Priya Saraiya talks about the lyrics of Sun Sathiya that she has penned for ABCD 2)