Shweta Tripathi tells us about the film and her character in the film right after the launch of the Gone Kesh Poster

Presenting to you the official poster of our exciting new film, Gone Kesh starring Shweta Tripathi, Jitendra Kumar, Vipin Sharma, Deepika Amin.
Shweta Tripathi in Gone Kesh

Shweta Tripathi in Gone Kesh

In an exclusive conversation with the films’ lead Shweta Tripathi we asked her about the film where she told us about the film and her character.

She said, “to start with ‘Gone Kesh’ is Qasim’s debut film and he had sent me the synopsis and as soon as I read it, I knew I had to do this film because the film was so simple, has so much heart! I know that it sounds very cliched to say such things about your films, like everybody does but the trailer is going to be out very soon and you are all going to see that, and it’s beautiful because it is so simple. There’s no Taam-Jhaam (Gloss).

The condition that this girl has, which she discovers when she is just 15 years old and everyone starts teasing her in school, and it’s obviously not very easy to take these things for granted. It’s not vanity, only people who have prolonged acne problems or serious skin problems, they know what it’s like. Everyone else thinks that it is going to be easy if you just put up some cream or see a dermatologist. It’s not that simple or easy for them.

Alopecia (hair loss) is something that dampens your confidence. Hair loss, specially for women and I am sure for men too, when your hair start thinning, and you start balding in patches, it takes a toll on your personality on who you are, even if you don’t want it to.

No matter how much people tell you to be strong, give you tips and tricks like egg massage or eating carrots or take medicines or whatever, but it is spirit dampening.

I had no clue about this condition until after reading the script and after doing this film, I realised there were so many people around me who were suffering from this condition, so I realised how ignorant are we about what other people are going through and this film has made me extremely sensitive towards that and has definitely made me value my hair much more.”

Directed by Qasim Khallow & Produced by Dhiraj Ghosh, ‘Gone Kesh’ will hit the theatres on 29th March 2019.