It’s a dream come true to be on the sets of an Anurag Kashyap film.  It was my dream to be on his set. I am an actor and always wanted to be a part of his films and i feel blessed that i got it.

I am Ruchira Ghormare and I was an actor and the DA in Mukkabaaz.

Ruchira with Anurag Kashyap on Mukkabaaz set

with Anurag Kashyap on Mukkabaaz set

To be on his set, was one of the best thing happened to me. I learnt a lot ( as an actor ) and specially learning how to work in teams.

As a DA I was around him most of the time on sets. I experienced the whole process of shooting on real locations. How he manages everyone including Actors, Assistants and every single department. How he shoots , how he improvises scenes according to actors potential, according to the locations.

On the sets, he will use everything around him to make his film better. He’ll think about the film 24X7. He is a master in guerrilla shooting. In Mukkabaaz there are many scenes on real locations and shooting is impossible at most of those places but you will be shocked to realise that no one will ever be aware that shooting is going on at a particular location.

Another amazing and one of the part of his personality is that he always finds hope in difficult situations.

Ruchira at Mukkabaaz India premier

at Mukkabaaz India premier

For Actors, though it’s a dream to work with him but honestly its not easy to be his actor. It needs a lot of hard work, a special kind of talent and preparation as an Actor. And specially when he is experimenting with the Actor in a scene.

You have to be ready for all kind of challenges. There might be long scenes, last minute improvisations, long monologues, lengthy shots etc. Those are the kind of experiments that makes his films beautiful and they become worth the pain by the end of it.

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Mukkabaaz was a challenge not just for me but i think for everyone involved with the project. Anurag Sir had to shoot a sports film with limited resources. Normally a sports film demands lots of time and money to shoot. Shooting a sports film in a temperature like 47 degree celsius is not a joke.

It is impossible to believe that he was shooting a boxing film without boxing choreographer and with real international boxers. I think It was one of the biggest challenges. As we all know he captures reality so were the fights with actual international boxers.

With Mukkabaaz actor Vineet Kumar Singh

With Mukkabaaz actor Vineet Kumar Singh

After shooting for long hours he still carries a certain kind of energy and that transfers in everyone.
And the best part while shooting this sports film was that he never missed his workout while we were so tired and did not want to walk a step.

Mukkabaaz poster

Mukkabaaz poster

For me personally, it was a great learning experience. His set was my film school.

Ruchira Ghormare