It is impossible to talk about Avengers: Endgame in detail without ruining it for the first time audience. Also, the truth is, unless you have been living under a rock, this is the film you have been waiting for and will be watching regardless of the reviews, comments and possibly avoiding every single chance of it being spoiled. So, even though I will avoid the spoilers in my brief point of view, it’s best to avoid reading this and go watch the film.

End Game starts where Infinity War ended and take you through the emotional hazards of the nightmare that started in Wakanda with “the Decimation” and a depressed world trying to collect its ruins and our heroes are either decimated, dead or lost.

Avengers is the story of how the remaining avengers manage to undo the worse that Thanos did to them and their world and the whole universe. Do they manage it? Ofcourse they do, otherwise their won’t be a point to all of it. But, how, when, where and what is a spoiler filled delivery of easter eggs from every single theory and comic book reference and all the unanswered questioned from the last 4 MCU movies. It has everything. The ultimate ending. It is so epic, that you may not see a scale like this for another ten years in any movie or cinematic universe.

The film works well as a conclusion but won’t have much for anyone who has missed anything from the MCU. I like almost every characters arc except what they do to Captain America’s character, which seemed like not working within the MCU theories or the character that has been build over the last ten years movie after movie, though satisfying to some levels it just didn’t make much sense too me.

It is an extremely emotional, entertaining and fitting film that does everything right (almost) and you can’t be critical when you are such a huge fan.

For fans like myself, the film takes away a piece of our lives that we have pretty much grown to be way too familiar with in our lives. What happens after this, though mostly uncertain apart from 1-2 easter eggs that give rise to new theories, will have a lot of big shoes to fill with a void that can not really be filled again easily.

This film though, without giving a spoilers can not be reviewed so I will leave it at that. It is a very satisfactory experience to say the least and has mind blowing action sequences, great music and fantastic dialogues and some really jaw dropping moments that most fans of the comic books and the film universe wanted to see at some point in the two part conclusion. A couple of things do disappoint but in the scale and scheme of things, they don’t really make much of a difference in the viewing experience all together.


I give the film 4 stars. Watch it in IMAX 3D